Frequently Asked Questions

When is Alice open?

Alice is open everyday except Christmas Day. Opening hours are 9:00 am to 10:30 pm seven days a week.

I would like to speak to someone...

Please phone (03) 3650615 during Opening Hours (see above) or email

How can I see what's playing in the cinema?

Current films, session times are live under the What's On Page tab at the bottom of this website. Films and times are printed daily in the Christchurch Press and are posted on

How can I make a booking for the cinema?

Currently, bookings can be made by phone. Tickets will be held at the ticket window for your payment and collection. Please arrive 20 minutes before the screening to pick up your tickets. Alice reserves the right to sell your ticket if not collected 10 minutes before the show.

How can I buy tickets to the cinema?

Tickets for all sessions can be purchased at Alice's "Box Office" during opening hours.
Tickets can be purchased online for all screenings. Choose your own seat and pay with credit card.

How can I get a refund on an unused/unwanted ticket?

Alice is happy to refund your ticket for any other session for a film of your choice. In such cases, we often refund with vouchers to be used at your own convenience.

How do I know the run times of each film?

The run time is displayed under the titles of each film in the tab What's On Page

How do I know the censorship rating of each film?

The censorship rating is displayed next to the title of each film in the tab What's On Page. The definition of each rating is available on the Ratings Page

How can I watch a trailer for a film?

Click on the film in the What's On tab. Once your into the film of your choice, you can press play in the trailer window.

Do you sell cinema gift vouchers?

Yes, Alice offers "Admit One" and "Admit Two" vouchers for the cinema. The perfect gift for any occasion.

Can I bring drinks and food into the cinema?

Yes, you are welcome to bring snacks and drinks from Alice's Nibble Nook or C1 Espresso's fully-licensed Cafe. For the comfort of others, Alice doesn't allow hot food to be consumed in the cinema.

Are there bathrooms at Alice?

Yes, Alice has two bathrooms and one is wheelchair friendly.

Do you have wheelchair spaces in the cinema?

Yes, the cinema has spaces for two wheelchairs. Please call us in advance for this service.

Do you have an assisted listening service?

Yes, Alice has two headsets free of charge behind the counter.