About Us

Alice's Egyptian Picture Theatre is hosting a 365 days of the year "World Cinema" film festival. Every year, Alice combs the world's film festivals bypassing questionable mainstream releases to focus on the good, the great, the rare and the unusual to bring a celebration of film to the screen. A rainbow's end for discerning movie lovers...

Positioned in the Old High Street Post Office, Alice offers an exclusive 38 seat Arthouse cinema designed with Egyptian flair. Comfort is paramount. Sink back into luxurious seating and enjoy a choice of snacks and drinks from Alice's Nibble Nook or C1 Espresso's fully-licensed Cafe.

Take a trip back in time and experience the excitement and opulence of the golden era of film - today's technology with yesterday's ambience. 


             Adult                                      $17.00  

             Senior $12.00  

             Student $15.00  

             Child  $12.00  

$11 Tuesdays. All Tickets, All Screenings!

Films and times are current daily on our What's On Page, the Christchurch Press and www.flicks.co.nz

Online ticket sales are available for all screening. Choose your own seat and pay by credit card. 

Bookings are advisable and can be made by phoning Alice (03) 3650615 or emailing us at alice@aliceinvideoland.co.nz